Q: How much time do you need for a consultation? 

A: About an hour

Q: Does Elliegant Cakes do tastings?

A: Tastings are done exclusively at Mountain View Manor during our scheduled tasting dates. 

Q: When do we need to meet for a consultation? 

A: If your wedding is in the current year, please contact me any time for your consultation. If your wedding is in the following year, I will send a list of dates for you to choose from to set up a consultation.

Q: Can I have cup cakes in lieu of a wedding cake? 

A: Yes, in some cases an up charge is added.

Q: What is included in my package at MVM? 

A: See "Wedding Services" page on what is included in your package at MVM. 

Q: How much should I budget for? 

A: Elliegant Cakes offer an array of services, please review the list of those services before our consultation.

Q: Who supplies the wedding cake topper (bride&groom, monograms, etc.)? 

A: Elliegant Cakes will leave this up to each bride and groom.  If you choose fresh flowers, your florist will add this to your bill and drop them off at the venue. Please Note: The wedding cake topper itself is only 5" wide and cannot handle heavy Lenox, Glass, Onyx, etc. Elliegant Cakes will not take responsibility for cake toppers that cannot be fastened to or on the cake. 

Q: When do we cut the cake during our reception? 

A: Normally the cutting is done right after dinner. This doesn't mean the cake is cut at that time and served. This allows the ceremonial part to be done as we later set up for dessert hour. 

Q: Does Elliegant Cakes make wheat/gluten-free desserts? 

A: Yes, please see the list of desserts to choose from on the "Wedding Services" page. If you have guests coming that are intolerant to wheat, please inform Elliegant Cakes that you wish to order these items. We will take special care of these guests by delivering their desserts to them personally. 

Q: Do I need to supply my own cake knife? 

A: If you have a special family set or receive them as a gift I will gladly set them on display next to the wedding cake. Elliegant Cakes also has them available free of charge.  

Q: Where is my wedding cake topper from my wedding cake? 

A: Your wedding cake topper will be wrapped and placed in a box and put in the small refrigerator that is in the bridal suite in the mansion. Please Note: If the wedding cake is left in the refrigerator after your departure, it will be thrown out due to the turn over MVM has for other weddings.

Q: Will Elliegant Cakes deliver my wedding cake to MVM? 

A: Yes. 1-2 hours before your reception starts. 

Q: Does Elliegant Cakes take Credit Cards? 

A: No. Payment Plans are available. Please mention your interest on saving 10% on your order.

Q: Can I choose more than one flavor of cake for each tier?

A: Please review the list of cakes & fillings that are included with the MVM packages under the "Wedding Services" page. You can change any package for an up charge, this can be discussed at our consultation. 

Q: What is my cancellation policy? 

A: A preliminary contract is done at our consultation and signed by the bride and groom with no changes to the design or flavors of your wedding cake. This does not include the cancellation policy you have with MVM. See individual contracts sent via email.  This policy can be talked about at the time of your consultation. 

Q: Can I bring a picture of the cake I'm thinking about having at my wedding? 

A: Yes. I encourage you to do so. It is important that we work together to incorporate your ideas and style into you design. Please Note:  An up charge could be applied for elaborate piping and intricate work. Please see what is included and what is not included with your cake under the "Wedding Services" page.

Q: Is a Deposit required at the time of our consultation for other items ordered from Elliegant Cakes?

A: No, but recommended  

Q: Who will be cutting my wedding cake? 

A: Elliegant Cakes. This is a part of your package deal from MVM  if your cake comes included in your package. If your package does not include a cake or cutting service, please feel free to contact Elliegant Cakes so we can talk about your options and budget.  

Q: How long has Elliegant Cakes been in business?

A:  Since 1989. Ellie is a member of the Ices Association for Wedding Cake Designers and is a certified designer. She is inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Pennsylvania Water Inspections through Penn State Extension and is covered by Full Liability Insurance.  

Q: Can I bring or use my own wedding cake plateau? 

A: Elliegant Cakes has a variety of plateaus for your convenience at no additional charge. In some cases, brides have brought cake stands to display smaller individual cakes. 

Q: Does Elliegant Cakes have references? 

A: Yes, please contact me. Visit Elliegant Cakes' Facebook page or Mountain View Manor's website to see reviews. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Elliegant.Cakes/reviews/?ref=page_internal

Q: Do you have a portfolio of cake pictures I can look at during our consultation? 

A: Yes

Q: Does Elliegant Cakes do "fake cakes"?

A: No

Q: Where do I drop off my wedding cake topper and other items I need to give Elliegant Cakes?

A: Any bride who is having their wedding at MVM can drop off all the items at MVM in a box marked Elliegant Cakes. This can be done at the same time you are dropping off other items that you are displaying at your wedding. 

Q: When does the Viennese Table get set up? 

A: The array of specialty mini desserts is set out at the same time the wedding cake and ice cream sundae bar is set out- about an hour and a half before your reception ends. 

Q: Where does the Beverage Station get set up and how long does it stay out for? 

A: The Beverage Station is set up in the Mansion within the 2nd Fourier, across from the double doors leading into the dining area. The specialty drink station will open between 30-60 minutes before your guests arrive for your ceremony. This allows a beautiful and refreshing greeting as your guests arrive on those hot sunny days.

 Q: Can the Beverage Station be set up somewhere else? 

A: Yes. If your cocktail hour is in the Ballroom we can set it up there as well. Please note: wherever you choose to have the Beverage Station is where it will stay until one hour before your reception ends. Moving and setting up in a new location can be done, an up charge will be added. 

Q: What are the beverages that are served on the Beverage Station? 

A: See "Wedding Services" page for flavors and guest servings. All beverages are homemade and infused with fresh fruits, herbs, and spices. Five beverages are included with the Beverage Station. 

Q: Where does the Cider Bar/Donuts get set up? 

A: The Cider and Donuts will be set up underneath the car port outside the Mansion. This allows people to mingle as they arrive and get warmed up on those cool and brisk fall days. If inclement weather, the Cider/Donut Bar will be set up in the Fourier of the Mansion.      

PLEASE NOTE: Items NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR PACKAGE AT MVM and will incur an up charge: 

Rolled Fondant, Fresh Fruit, Gum Paste, Overlays, Candy Gems & Pearls, Intricate Piping, String Work, Layers of cakes/tiers having 2-3 different colors, Novelty Cakes, Chocolate Icing/Drizzles, Exotic Sugar Flowers, Specialty Molds for Intricate Designs, Shimmer Dusts